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Need to find the animal control ordinances in your area? Check here Online Library of Ordinances and Minutes

American Legal Publishing Online Library of Ordinances

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SART - North Carolina State Animal Response Team

ReadyNC - Pet Safety in a Disaster, Make Plan, Make a Kit

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Animal Welfare Act, NC Regulations

USDA Animal Care Publications. Animal Welfare Act; Animal Care Regulations

NC Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Divison - Animal Welfare Programs

NC Department of Agriculture, License Requirmeents and Regulations

NCGS Chapter 19A - Protection of Animals

NCGS Chapter 14 Article 47 Cruelty to Animals

North Carolina Laws for Animal Control, Animal Protection, Public Health.

North Carolina Animal Control Law: 2005 Legislative Update. Bulletin Number 107 October 2005

NC Shelter and County Ordinance Data

NCRAOA Survey was first completed by NCRAOA in 2005 using a combination of interviews with county personnel and review of available animal control ordinances.

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