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HSUS: The Real Story of an Animal Rights Corporation

Animal Rights: it's not animal welfare; trifold, an overview of the difference between animal rights and animal welfare and brief description of the AR philosophy

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare (one-page handout)

The Difference between Animal Rights
and Animal Welfare ANIMAL RIGHTS FAQ

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare What You Should Know
download PDF

Myth Busters!! Challenging the animal rightist rhetoric with facts!

flyer from AKC: Where did all the dogs go?

flyer from AKC: Can You Imagine a World Without Dogs?


Words Are Weapons

We Are NOT Puppymills!!

The Case Against Dog Parks

Humane Tethering & Penning

Dealing With Breed Specific Legislation

Reasons Why Breeding Restrictions Are Wrong

Understanding Shelter Euthanasia

Preserve Your Rights As A Dog Owner.
from American Kennel Club

Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives.
from American Kennel Club

Lobbying for Purebred Dogs.
from American Kennel Club



NCRAOA - TRIFOLD BROCHURE 2007 with position statements