North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance
an animal welfare organization
We are an organization run completely by volunteers. We have no paid staff, so 100% of your donations goes directly to helping animals through a variety of programs.

Our Board of Directors consists of animal professionals and people who own, show and/or responsibly breed dogs, cats, horses, livestock, rabbits, birds, and reptiles.

We educate the public about being a responsible animal owner; making the correct choice of a pet for your needs and lifestyle; having realistic expectations of the behavior and level of care of your pet; finding resources for training to achieve a happy, healthy relationship with your pet.

We support the human-animal bond, and help pet owners enjoy having pets be part of their lives.

We educate the public and professionals on the difference between animal welfare and animal rights.

We develop educational materials for citizens, schools, veterinarians, pet supply stores, animal shelters, libraries, and training centers.

We maintain an email announcement list to share information and urgent issues.

Join NCRAOA now ~ your $20 membership fee will support
our education efforts and allow us to better serve our communities

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NCRAOA Board Membersí Collective Experience in the following areas & vocations:
~AKC public education coordination
~AKC club members, officers and board members
~AKC Canine Good Citizenship testing
~AKC Conformation competition
~AKC Dog show chairs and committees
~AKC match conformation & obedience judging
~AKC sweepstakes judging
~AKC tracking competition
~AKC obedience and agility competition
~Animal cruelty investigation
~Animal control regulations and enforcement
~Animal control employee training
~Animal shelter operations
~Animal rescue
~Breed magazine editor
~Breeding purebred dogs
~Cat behavior counselor
~Cat owner
~Certified Cruelty Course Instructor
~Dog behavior assessment and counseling
~Dog/cat boarding
~Dog/cat foster home
~Dog owner
~Dog training and handling
~Horse owner
~Horse rescue
~Horse show competition
~Horse trainer
~Humane society operations and management
~Pet dog obedience instructor
~Professional dog trainer
~Puppy obedience instructor
~Public education
~Public speaking
~Seminar organization and presentation
~Small animal and bird owner
~Therapy dog owner/trainer
~Veterinary assistant
~Veterinary clinic volunteer
~Veterinary professional

Board of Directors:
Susan Wolf
Natalie Rowntree
Barbara Axel
Kathryn Smith
Linda Tilley