North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance
an animal welfare organization

Breeding Restrictions
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA) is opposed to the concept of government legislated breeding restrictions and regulations, including permits, breeding bans, mandatory spay/neuter, and differential licensing. Historically such attempted legislation has proved ineffective in solving community problems and instead targets and impacts those who already maintain and breed animals responsibly. NCRAOA supports educational programs on responsible breeding practices, pet training and pet ownership.

Breed Specific Legislation
Over the decades it has been the custom to point angry fingers at different breeds of dogs to designate them as dangerous or potentially dangerous. Today, the dog that was the mascot of the "Our Gang Comedies" and the trademark of Buster Brown Shoes, the pit bull or his look-alike is called the most dangerous dog on earth. Unsupervised dogs, no matter what the breed, have the potential to become dangerous. Since the United States dog population numbers in the tens of millions NCRAOA maintains it is hysteria rather than factual research that designates certain breeds as being dangerous. Breed specific dangerous dog laws are unfair, unnecessary, and target specific dog owners and their pets without justification. NCRAOA is opposed to breed specific legislation.

Dog Fighting
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA) opposes dog fighting and the breeding and/or training of dogs for the purpose of fighting.

Guardian vs Owner
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA) is opposed to any change in the law from owner to guardian. The term guardian does not enhance the relationship or bond between people and animals, and may in fact harm or restrict owners, veterinarians and other service providers in the ability to make decisions necessary for animal well-being.

Responsible Breeding Practices
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA) believes that breeding programs require commitment, time and effort. Responsible breeders should understand the characteristics, health issues, and temperament of their chosen breed before establishing a breeding program. The animal's health and welfare, the socialization of resulting offspring and their placement into responsible homes are of utmost importance.

Responsible Pet Ownership
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA) supports responsible pet ownership which provides rewarding interaction between people and animals. A responsible owner must provide health care, food, shelter, training, and exercise which takes time and commitment. Pets are not disposable. We discourage impulse buying; we support making informed decisions before adding a pet to a household. Pet ownership means a responsibility to your community for both the owner and pet to be good neighbors and obey laws set in place for the well-being of animals and protection of the property of others.